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...a snowboard racing game with penguins and yetis!

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Enjoy beautiful arctic landscapes while exploring the yeti caves. Those giant creatures have overrun your arctic home and there's only one way to defeat them. You have to cut their food supplies!

So look out for their frozen fish reserves. Other penguins tried this before, but unfortunately they failed. Now they are imprisoned, but you can free them by unlocking their cages. Zoltan, the vulture, guards the yeti's territory. You need to reach the end of each area, before Zoltan reaches the Dark Yeti.

 Most of the time, he slumbers on his throne. But if Zoltan awakes him, he blocks your way and you'll be caught. Penguin vs. Yeti offers three difficulty levels. On each level you are rewarded with a unique ending screen and a trophy once you complete the game.

30 racing tracks which vary on each difficulty level.

Various ending screens and trophies add replay value.

To some degree, the gameplay adjusts to your skills.

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German Games Developer Award 2nd place in "Casual Games"
3rd place in "Sports Games"

System requirements:
Windows 98SE or higher
CPU 800Mhz
8 MB on hard disk
Screen resolution 800x600

iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad
iOS 5.0

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(Windows version)
  Screenshot 2
(Windows version)
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(Windows version)
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