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...enter a world of magic and fantasy!

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The Princes of Darkness from Shadow Rock have sent hordes of evil creatures to conquer the lands of Feyruna and bring eternal darkness.

You are a fairy and have to drive away the intruders. On your journey through the fairy forest, you will learn spells of fairy magic and also collect enchanted artefacts to enhance your magic skills even further. Catch friendly glow-worms to unleash their lighting power, thus forcing all evil creatures to flee.

Defeat the Princes of Darkness to restore peace and order throughout the fairy forest and unlock up to three minigames for even more fun!

Easy gameplay for players of all ages.

Enjoy the beauty of the fairy forest.

Unlock 3 minigames on your magical journey.

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System requirements:
Windows 98SE or higher
CPU 800Mhz
26 MB on hard disk
Screen resolution 1024x768

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