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The gameplay of Feyruna 2 is completely different to part 1. Dark crystals threaten all creatures living in Feyruna and only the druids can destroy them.

But even the mighty druids have suffered and lost their power. You have to send a magic sphere to each druid to restore his power. You need to support every druid, they can destroy the dark crystal only with a combined attack.

While spheres are rolling towards the druids, you need to protect them from enemies. Guide the spheres to runestones, which cast protective magic on them. Don't forget to collect treasures, because the most powerful spells need to be purchased from a shopkeeper.

Enjoy 45 exciting stages.

A good measure of action strategy and tricky puzzles.

Intuitive mouse control.


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System requirements:
Windows 98SE or higher
CPU 800Mhz
19 MB on hard disk
Screen resolution 1024x768

  A typical stage   Bonus stage   Boss battle
  Screenshot 1   Screenshot 2   Screenshot 3  

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