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Moly Mole


Frutti Freak 2



New game: Moly Mole


Frutti for Newbies 2

  Guide Moly savely on his search for gold, as he stumbles through an environment full of risks and hazards. He needs to collect all the shiny coins to make his wife happy!   Finally, Frutti 2 has arrived! This sequel features some of the craziest opponents you've ever seen.

Let's go and squash some fast food mutants!

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Penguin versus Yeti Download


Download Feyruna - Fairy Forest


Frutti Freak Download

  Penguin versus Yeti   Feyruna - Fairy Forest   Frutti Freak / for Newbies      
  Enjoy this fast-paced snowboard race! But don't spend too much time looking at the great scenery, else the Yetis will catch and eat you...   Venture through an enchanted forest!

Cast spells of fairy magic to defeat hordes of evil creatures sent by the Princes of Darkness.

  This classic platformer is available in two variations:

Frutti Freak is a challenge for experienced players and Frutti for Newbies suits kids and casual gamers.

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  iOS universal app Undead on Halloween      


  Undead on Halloween              
  Spooky action for iPhone, iPod and iPad: use holy water and magic spells to stop the march of the undead. Watch your fingers! Some evil creatures bite!
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